Facebook, Don’t Mix Business with Pleasure

I’m all for setting up a Facebook page for your business. It makes sense to send information and updates to those customers and prospects who are interested in your information. People are now comfortable with this and accept these undisguised promotions into their daily news updates.

Recently, I became a “fan” of a business who was actively using Facebook. I found their posts very interesting and creative from a marketing sense. Then a day later, I personally received a “Friend request” from someone I didn’t know. When I clicked on his profile for more information, I found that this person was actually the business owner for the company I just “fanned”. Humph… This person was 1/2 way across the country, I didn’t know him, probably wouldn’t ever meet him and didn’t share any mutual friends. I immediately felt uncomfortable. Would I want to share photos of my children with a complete stranger? Would I want to really share with him what I was doing for the day, what I thought about my friends posts? Would I want him to see photos that I get tagged in? Of course not. I felt he crossed the line. Now, I had a negative impression of him and now his organization.  I wish he hadn’t taken that extra step attempting to mix business with personal communications.   I wonder, if this is what it will come to in the years ahead. Will it become acceptable to pry into others lives just because you have a personal connection?


~ by Shannon Group on April 10, 2010.

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