Becoming a FB Fan- Says a Lot About You

So, you are active on Facebook. You’ve become a “fan” of pages or a member of a group. You may have joined that page or group because you are interested in related information and look forward to relevant updates on that topic.

What you may not have considered is that it also helps create a profile of you. It can tell others your political views, your shopping habits, your musical interests,  even your life status: married, children, divorced etc.  If you simply go to the “info” tab on any of your FB friends, you will quickly get an overview or general impression about that person, maybe things that you might have ever known.

Also, people seem to be “Fan”-ing up, for more than receiving information. They are simply picking pages because they either know that person/business personally. Maybe it is your local car dealership, restaurant, insurance company, realtor, or gym. Or they choose to e affiliated with the group because there is some sort of “status” or “statement” to be made when becoming a fan or group member.  They may not have any intention of looking for updates from these groups.  Maybe it is a statement about becoming frustrated with Farmville posts, maybe it’s a statement about gay marriage, maybe a statement about your appreciation for your home town.  Regardless of why you join a group or fan page, you have created a public profile that tells others much more about you than you may have realized.


~ by Shannon Group on April 10, 2010.

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