Don’t Ignore Your Signature!

Are you trying to grow your business? If so, don’t ignore your email signature. It sounds so simple and it is. Today, people send emails all day, for work or for personal correspondence. I regularly get emails from acquaintances for a variety of reasons, and at most they will put their name, first only. What a missed opportunity! The more effective alternative is to have a professional signature with a nice valediction like “sincerely” or “take care” and your full name.  You are probably already do this with your business email account. But why not consider it for your personal email account as well? Include your phone #, business name, tagline and website. Save it as an automated signature in your email application. If they allow you to include your logo or photo even better! People will see it and may remember it or pass it along to someone else.  You don’t have to be selling them anything or even mention your business. It is simply an FYI.
Here’s a real life example of how this worked for me. Recently. I sent an email to a group of parents about a school related project for my son. My automated signature was included which mentioned my company, my tagline, website and phone number. Within 2 days, I had a parent call me to discuss a potential project for their business. If I hadn’t included the signature, she would have never known what I do for a living, and I would have never known about the opportunity!
A signature, it’s free, it’s easy and it can help you grow your business. Don’t miss out on this quick and simple step to build your brand!


~ by Shannon Group on April 30, 2009.

2 Responses to “Don’t Ignore Your Signature!”

  1. Great point and ever so critical today. Your signature can become a part of your social networking (and should be). Whether you work for a large company or yourself (or both, as many of us do), your signature should help clients remember you and provide enough information to find you on the web.

    For example, my name is extremely common and useless for finding me, but when I add “eLearning” to my signature, all of a sudden I am most of the top 10 results in Yahoo and Google (actually, I am pretty much all the top 10). Without it, I am lost in a sea of people far more interesting than I am! =D

    Help clients find you when they are ready to and an email signature is a great tool for that! Great post Lisa!

  2. Great post! Anytime your name (your brand) is in digital form it adds to your SEO efforts. Make sure it’s consistent. Use elements of your sig in tags on blog posts, in your Flickr, on your Titter profile. Facebook too and if you are an online entity like this blog represents, create a fan page in Facebook for it too.

    When you think Nike only a few things come to mind: Just do it is one of them. It’s been the same message for 30 years. That’s the power of your signature too.

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